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Point-of-Care is evolving. We are the leader of the evolution.

  • Innovative Technology

    Our technologies have been built to be simple but smart, with a focus on engaging patients to improve outcomes.

  • Hyper-Targeted Marketing

    The CMH platform allows us to serve brand and educational content targeted at the office level, reaching your target patients.

  • Relevant, Award-Winning Content

    Partnering with the nation’s most credible patient education producers and medical associations.

  • Dynamic/Evolving

    Touching more than 378MM patients annually across 21+ Specialty Networks, we make up the largest POC footprint in the U.S.

The new patient start program

No Risk Pricing, Aligned with Your Brand Goals

With The New Patient Start Program TM from ContextMedia:Health, you won't need to wait and hope that your marketing campaign is working. Our upfront guarantee of New Patient Starts sets your brand up for success from day one.

Best of all, your brand only pays for actual incremental conversions to prescription.


ContextMedia is the fastest-growing company in the industry, and we're looking for creative problem solvers who share a passion for our mission.

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Where We Are

To Date Size of Network
378MM patient visits
25K health
150+ Brands
20+ specialty
125K HCPs in our
115K devices


Cutting edge technology to reach patients when and where they are motivated to take action.

Digital Waiting Room Screen

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Placed in the waiting rooms of the highest writing physicians' offices, build awareness with patients as they prepare for their visit.

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Patient Mobile Connect

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Giving patients access to the Internet throughout the physician's office, reach patients on their mobile devices.

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Digital Exam Room Wallboard

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Seen by all patients before and during the patient-physician dialogue, engage patients through highly visual education.

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Digital Exam Room Tablet

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Created for maximum engagement, the interactive tablet provides in-depth education in the Exam Room.

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Digital Infusion Room Tablet

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An interactive tablet providing support and comfort for oncology patients with actionable content in the infusion room.

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Award Winning Content

The ContextMedia:Health studio produces award-winning content in addition to working with over 70 of the nation's top associations and publishers.

POC 42 %
National Average
Brand Recall vs.
Print 18 %
Apps 21 %
Digital 22 %
TV 27 %

Who We Work With



  • "I was working in the field and saw the ContextMedia:Health waiting room screens and stopped to watch for a few minutes until my ad appeared. Not only did the ad look and sound great, but I was so impressed to see a patient intently watching the ad. I hoped the patient would remember to talk to their doctor about the treatment in a few minutes, and then watched as she actually wrote down the brand name and underlined it 3x! It doesn't get any better."

  • "Our #1 priority is patient care and delivering care in every part of our office. The CMH TV and tablets allow us to reach our patients throughout our office and deliver info they can take home with them by the time they leave. Patients learn in different ways and we really like the options CMH provides for them to learn"

  • "I know the patients ask the doctor about the product and medications, their availability, and if they would be a good choice for them. The doctor likes that the patients are educated on a variety of medications and open up the discussion about what treatment option is best for them."

    Office Manager

A mission driven company delivering actionable health innovations to reach and teach millions.

Where We Are Going

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Growing up surrounded by medicine, Ashik Desai has always had his feet deep in health-care. His vision early on was to find a niche in which he could sustainably improve health outcomes for patients.

Ashik is the Executive Vice President of Business Growth & Analytics and leads the Sponsorships Team in the New York City office.

Started in 2012, Sponsorships builds strategic partnerships with hundreds of brand partners in the leading life science and health companies. As of September 2015, CMH currently partners with 150+ brands across 30 life sciences/health companies. Ashik’s dedication to growth and innovation has increased revenue by over 400% since 2013, with a track to increase revenue 200% again from 2015 into 2016.

The second half of 2015 has been a huge accomplishment for CMH in regards to innovation releasing two new groundbreaking technologies bringing the CMH product line to four technologies.

With the introduction of Patient Mobile Connect and the Digital Exam Room Wallboard, brands have the opportunity to own the entire patient Point-of-Care experience — from the waiting room to the exam room. And with our reach to more than 125K HCPs and 378+MM patients annually, we have the scale to ensure brand messages are seen by highly-targeted patients, driving engagement and increasing brand lift/ROI.

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200+ top-decile practices added monthly — more sites added in last 30 months than entire industry over the past 5 years. ContextMedia:Health is adding 1500 offices per month and adding innovations.


As the leader in bringing digital media technology to the waiting and exam rooms, we are continually building new products to reach patients across multiple channels.

Where We Came From

Founding Story:



Chief Executive Officer




Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal had grown tired of seeing their relatives with chronic conditions struggle to make healthy lifestyle changes. They co-founded ContextMedia in 2006 with the goal of delivering digital content to patients living with chronic diseases when and where it could improve outcomes.

At the age of 9, Shradha Agarwal had an insatiable appetite for information, and read through all the books that her father’s collection had to offer by 4th grade. Realizing there was no middle school or community library where she grew up, Shradha snuck out her dad’s books to lend them to classmates for a nickel a day, giving them access to information, and giving her the means to purchase more books to share. Similarly, Rishi Shah was a founder from a young age, and started his first company at the age of 12, focused on technology and home computer consulting.

The pair met at Northwestern, where they co-founded the Northwestern Business Review, which focused on businesses that did well financially by doing good socially. While working on an article about digital signage, they recognized the power of delivering information at an actionable time. After sharing their experiences about relatives with diabetes, Rishi and Shradha started ContextMedia to utilize this technology to improve patient-physician dialogue and condition management.

The company has since scaled across multiple verticals beyond diabetes, and has launched multiple products to help patients educate themselves on chronic conditions. ContextMedia currently impacts over 378MM patient visits annually across 5000+ systems in all 50 states. Rishi and Shradha's paths and values as founders are baked into ContextMedia, which exists at the intersection of information, technology, and business for social benefit.

Your brand at the center of the patient-physician dialogue.

When and where it matters most.

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